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Bible Study for the mentally challenged

Greetings in the name of our Jesus,

Do you know that Comfort My People Ministries, along with several dedicated, loving volunteers lead worship, prayer, and bible study for a group of mentally challenged  clients cared for by Texas Quality Care in Kennedale, Texas? Over the last 18 months, these clients have grown in their knowledge of Jesus’ love for them. They now pray for others, lead singing, and answer simple questions about Jesus and people in the Bible.  They were given  personalized Bibles and are so very proud of them.  We are currently helping them learn about who wrote the  the Bible, the names of the books,  and even how to take care of their Bible. We have witnessed Good’s miracles through this ministry.

“When Larry first prayed for Donald, we had no idea what would happen. We were at a loss, Doyle  was threatening the lives of our staff, running away, had uncontrollable behavior, even under medication. The State was ready to commit him for life to an asylum. NOW, PRAISE GOD, he goes to church, prays for people, carries his Bible, and talks about Jesus.   A TRUE MIRACLE.”

Bernice Gee, President
Texas Quality Care, Inc

We are given many scriptures that demonstrate the  ministry  and miracles of Jesus,  so that we may know and follow His example. Jesus showed love to those  in authority and those in prison, healed those in positions in government and those who begged on the streets, He taught in the synagogues and on the hillside. He showed and extend His  love, kindness & mercy when He walked among us and to all of us who follow Him today. No matter the height or depth of our sins, our iniquites, or our abilities, He forgives us, loves us, and teaches us.  Jesus is no respector of persons. He  died for the salvation of every tribe and nation, rich or poor, lovable or unlovable, for all of us.

Jesus taught his disciples that it was not the amount of the offering that a person gives, but that it is right to give from what you have and give to support the work of the Lord. The Widows offering in Mark 12:43 tells of her giving out of her poverty. Melchizedek King of Salem, did not require an offering from Abram,  but Abram knew it was right to honor the high priest of the land and gave him a tenth of the spoils of war, (Genesis 14:18).

These precious souls at TEXAS QUALITY CARE have nothing to give, no means to tithe, or give offerings. What they do give is love, smiles, gratitude, and compassion, just like Jesus.  God has blessed them with many miracles of healing.By honoring us with your financial gifts and/or partnership you enable Comfort My People Ministries to further our outreach, discipleship, and scholarship programs. These gifts are greatly appreciated as we continue the work of the Lord to reach the hurting and those in need. Thank You!

Larry and Marion Pollard